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Talking to your teen about underage drinking and driving

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2023 | DUI

Many parents in Oklahoma may look forward to the day their teens reach the milestone of receiving their drivers’ licenses. However, as your kids prepare to navigate the open road on their own, you might also experience a mix of emotions, as it may only be natural to worry about how well they will manage this responsibility. 

There may be a variety of topics to discuss with teen drivers, and addressing these factors could be vital to helping them cultivate healthy life habits. One such topic could pertain to talking about underage DUI, and while helping protect your kids against the risks involved may be imperative, knowing how to approach this discussion can prove a daunting task. 

Topics to discuss 

Most teens may struggle to grasp the risks involved with driving while impaired or the impact such issues could have on their futures. Knowing what topics to address when talking about underage DUI could help you better prepare to initiate this discussion, and some of these topics might include:

  • The topic of safety: One of the first topics to address could involve talking to your teen about the dangers of driving while under the influence and discussing how impairment affects driving capabilities. 
  • Possible consequences: It may also be helpful to talk to your teen about the possible penalties involved with DUI offenses, as this may be a topic that might be difficult for teens to grasp. 
  • Impact on their future: Another topic to cover could pertain to discussing how having a DUI offense on record could affect your teen’s future, as this may also help shine a light on the importance of making sound decisions. 
  • Managing responsibility: Helping your teen understand that driving is a privilege, and finding ways to help him or her better prepare to manage this responsibility, could also be integral to mitigating a variety of risks. 

The path to protecting your child’s future may also be an ongoing process, but even if you take steps to address this topic frequently, it might not always be enough to keep similar issues at bay. 

When facing underage DUI charges 

There may be few things as stressful as learning that your child has been arrested on underage DUI charges. Since the outcome of the situation could have a significant impact on your teen’s life, you may face an understandable desire for answers on the best course of action to take to address the situation. Seeking insight in evaluating your rights and options could prove essential to helping you prepare to make informed decisions while developing a strategy with which to seek the best outcome possible regarding your child’s future.