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Experienced Allies Throughout A Probate Dispute

Estate administration and probate can become contentious processes if the parties involved encounter a conflict. At Schumacher Law Group, our experienced attorneys have handled a variety of probate disputes in Oklahoma firsthand. They can represent you in a probate dispute, and they always strive to cost-effectively resolve the issue and arrive at a positive solution.

Our lawyers regularly handle a broad variety of contested probate issues, such as:

  • Undue influence
  • Breach of fiduciary duties
  • Lack of testamentary capacity
  • Lack of testamentary formalities
  • Duress or menace
  • Fraud
  • Revocation of the will
  • Two existing wills
  • The suing of an administrator of a trust

Tracy Schumacher, our founding attorney, has considerable litigation experience from her time as a prosecutor. She and our team of will contest lawyers are prepared to advocate for you at trial if necessary.

What Happens If Someone Contests A Will?

An interested party – or, a beneficiary, legal heir or creditor – can contest a will for up to three months from the date that the probate court has admitted it. To begin, you file a petition with the district court to which the will was submitted. Then, the parties involved in the dispute may sit down with their probate dispute attorneys in an attempt to negotiate a resolution privately. If they do not reach a compromise, then the dispute will proceed to court before a judge. The judge will either grant the will contest or deny it.

Talk To A Contested Wills Lawyer Today

Discuss whether you have the grounds to contest a will, or get help from our attorneys to defend your rights if you face a will contest. Contact Schumacher Law Group today to get counsel from one of our probate dispute lawyers. To set up your consultation, please call 405-389-2260 or send us an email.