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Trust Attorneys With Over Four Decades Of Collective Experience

Having a lawyer you can trust is the only way to move forward with a legal issue. Our attorneys at Schumacher Law Group have represented people throughout Oklahoma for years. While they aggressively defend those who need it most, they also offer a compassionate, hometown feel to our clients. Our team can clearly explain your options and help you move forward.

Learn About Our Attorneys

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A Strong Team Led By A Former Judge And Prosecutor

Our founding attorney, Tracy Schumacher, is a former district judge. She is also a former prosecutor in the district attorney’s office. This experience provides our team with a distinct competitive edge.

As a judge, Tracy Schumacher presided over criminal, family law and civil cases. She draws on that experience to anticipate potential challenges in each case and prepare accordingly. Clients benefit from this ability to effectively counter any strategy.

Justin Blake Conway also brings valuable experience to the table. He is rooted in the community and offer the advantage of local insight.

Why Choose Us?

Our attorneys offer personalized service and truly care about members of our community. They have handled the most complex cases and have seen clients all the way through to the other side.

Our team has worked with people facing complex legal issues such as:

  • Criminal charges: They can defend you against misdemeanors or felonies when your rights, freedoms and reputation are on the line.
  • Driving under the influence (DUI) defense: Our lawyers know how to build effective strategies for fighting DUI charges. They can help you avoid or minimize the penalties so that you can go about your life without having a DUI looming over your head.
  • Probate: It can be intimidating and confusing to handle probate matters for a loved one’s estate. Our attorneys can help you through all stages of the probate process.
  • Family law: You can rely on our team for guidance through major family transitions, such as divorce, child custody, guardianship and adoption.
  • Property law: Our attorneys address property matters with skill and insight, especially in oil and gas matters.
  • Appellate law: Our lawyers can help you appeal a civil or criminal case. They understand what goes into preparing a strong appeal.

Known for being professional yet relatable, our attorneys will do everything they can to help you accomplish your goals. They will always be honest and upfront about the potential outcomes that you are facing. Clear, consistent communication is one of their biggest priorities.

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Don’t let your legal problem stress you out more than it already has. We can take some of that burden. Remember that the right attorney can make all the difference.

To schedule a consultation, call 405-389-2260 today or fill out our online form. While our office is located in Norman, our lawyers work with clients in Cleveland, Grady and McClain counties.