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Considering Divorce? Our Divorce Lawyers in Norman, Oklahoma Can Help.

If you are considering filing for divorce, it is normal to have questions. For over 25 years, the attorneys at Schumacher Law Group have helped clients throughout Oklahoma understand their options. We know how difficult this can be and want to help you through it. We pride ourselves on our hometown atmosphere, where people feel comfortable discussing their family-related concerns.

Finding A Solution To Divide Complex Property And Assets in Divorce

Couples with significant assets who have been married for decades are in a bit of a unique situation. The process to divide property and assets is anything but cut and dry. There may be multiple homes, vehicles, retirement accounts or even a small business or practice to divide. While it is possible to resolve these issues amicably, that is not always the case.

Our founding attorney, Tracy Schumacher, is a former judge. She is incredibly comfortable in the courtroom and knows how to fight for what a client is rightfully entitled to. On the other hand, if a problem can be resolved out of court, our team will not hesitate to take you down that route as well when this may be in your best interests.

Prioritizing Decisions Involving Your Children & Custody

Another part of divorce is making important decisions surrounding your children. While it is possible to create a custody arrangement on your own, getting it in writing is the best way to make sure it is enforced. This way, there are no questions. When you and your partner cannot reach an agreement, our team will do everything we can to advocate for you and your child. Furthermore, it is important to update your estate plan when making these decisions. This ensures your children are protected moving forward.

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From business valuation to parenting agreements, our firm will always support what is in your best interests. It is important to discuss your family-related concerns with a knowledgeable attorney sooner rather than later. To get answers to your questions, call our law office in Norman, Oklahoma at 405-389-2260 today. You can also email us. We serve clients across Cleveland, Grady and McClain counties.