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Appellate Law Attorneys Supporting Your Right To A Second Chance At Justice

Do you fear a disappointing criminal or civil court case outcome? The good news is that you may not have to pin all your hopes and fears on just one trial. If the result is unsatisfactory and you can demonstrate that the legal process has been unfair, you may have grounds to file an appeal. You may bring an appeal if your case outcome was impacted by:

  • Legal errors, such as the misconduct of a prosecutor or juror
  • Evidential errors, such as the omission of critically important evidence
  • Ineffective counsel when an attorney did not follow standard protocol

At Schumacher Law Group, our skilled appellate lawyers are licensed to bring appeals before the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals and the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals. We will carefully review the relevant court record in search of justification for your appeal.

Appealing Your Criminal Case Outcome

Were you convicted of driving under the influence (DUI), a drug crime, a violent crime or a white collar crime? Besides costly penalties and a possible prison sentence, a criminal record can put obstacles in your way for years to come. Our attorneys have been representing clients in Oklahoma for more than 25 years. Our founding attorney, Tracy Schumacher, is a former district judge and former prosecutor for the district attorney’s office. She is well aware of the legal errors that make trial outcomes questionable. Together with other lawyers at our firm, she can determine whether you have grounds for a criminal appeal because:

  • Something about the trial procedures was defective.
  • Something was wrong with the evidence that was presented, admitted or barred from consideration.
  • Your lawyer was incompetent, resulting in an unacceptable case outcome.

We are here for you if your criminal case is suitable for an appeal. Let us help you find the key to an effective appeal.

Appealing Your Family Law Case

The outcome of your divorce, property division, child custody or other family law case can have profound effects on your future. You may be able to prove that evidence of your spouse’s hiding of assets or other misconduct was not properly considered during your divorce trial.

Criminal and civil appeals require complex legal analysis and written argumentation. Only a highly experienced appellate lawyer is fit to represent your interests in a high-stakes family law or criminal appeal.

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