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Choose an Insider Newcastle DUI Lawyer For Your Case

No one wants to be on the receiving end of a drunk driving charge. If the state of Oklahoma has charged you with driving under the influence (DUI), it is time to seek the help of a Newcastle DUI attorney.

At Schumacher Law Group, we can help you. From our law office in Norman, our drunk driving defense lawyers represent people in Newcastle and throughout McClain County. We take a team approach and provide professional yet compassionate services during what is often a difficult time.

Why Do I Need A DUI Lawyer?

Oklahoma has strict laws regulating drunk driving. If convicted, you stand to suffer consequences that you might not anticipate. For example, a DUI on your record can harm your housing prospects, career, educational options and personal reputation. You stand a much better chance of getting your charges reduced or mitigating your sentence if you have a criminal defense attorney.

Why Choose Schumacher Law Group?

Our founding attorney, Tracy Schumacher, has previous experience as a prosecutor and as a district judge. She has seen hundreds, if not thousands, of cases from the prosecution’s side. This means that she understands how to build a defense to Newcastle DUI charges.

She and all our DUI attorneys work as a team to build your case. Frequently, they manage to get a client’s charges dismissed entirely. They regularly defend clients against complex criminal charges, including Oklahoma drunk driving charges, in courts throughout the state.

Get In Touch With An Oklahoma Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer Today

If you live in the Newcastle area and need an Oklahoma DUI attorney, please contact Schumacher Law Group for skilled defense. To schedule an initial consultation with our Newcastle criminal defense lawyers, call 405-389-2260 or send us an email.