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The Help You Need From A Blanchard Oklahoma DUI Lawyer

The flashing lights in your rearview mirror are the first indication of trouble. After a night out with friends or an annual family gathering in Blanchard, a member of law enforcement has pulled you over. Maybe you were speeding or operating your vehicle with a broken taillight.

Or you could have been stopped for suspicion of drunk driving.

Initial Steps To Protect Your Rights After a DUI Charge

While your first instinct may be to cooperate by admitting to having one or two cocktails, the less said to a police officer, the better. Protecting your rights is paramount. While you may think you’re doing the “right thing,’ you’re actually making a bad situation worse and undermining a future criminal case. Not protecting your rights can establish a foundation for a possible DUI arrest and subsequent criminal charges.

That’s where our Blanchard, Oklahoma, lawyers can help. For more than 25 years, the Schumacher Law Group has represented area residents facing life-changing criminal accusations. We will remain at your side at every step of the legal process, getting to the facts and protecting your rights. Educating you is also essential, particularly when considering the changes in state DUI laws in 2019 that eliminated implied consent hearings.

Insight Into The Prosecution

As a former judge and prosecutor, Blanchard, Oklahoma, DUI lawyer Tracy Schumacher provides a unique window into how the opposing side builds cases. Specifically, she knows the strategies necessary to secure the best possible outcome. That insight is invaluable and can significantly affect the outcome of your drunk driving case.

Time is of the essence to overcome the significant obstacles you face. The sooner you call 405-389-2260or contact a DUI defense lawyer, the sooner we can provide the advocacy you need.