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Does weather affect crime numbers in Oklahoma?

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2023 | Criminal Law

Weather often has a significant impact on daily life in Oklahoma. In fact, you might restrict certain activities, such as water sports, to certain times of year like in the summer months. Research teams have conducted analyses on how climate temperatures may or may not affect criminal activity in this state and throughout the country. Do you think crime levels increase or decrease according to weather?

Analysis results show little evidence that temperatures over extended time affect the level of criminal activity in the United States. While data shows that records documented daily seem to suggest higher levels of violent and non-violent activities when temperatures are hot, there have not been conclusive results to show a consistent pattern over time.

Will Oklahoma crime increase as temperatures rise?

The National Weather Center in Norman, Oklahoma often provides updates and warnings about potentially bad weather, such as storms, tornadoes or flooding. The Center, as well as other media outlets, have purported that the overall global climate is increasing. More recent independent studies have shown that there seems to be a correlation between daily climate temperatures and monthly crime rates.

If you were to review such findings, you would notice that there are predictions stating that, as temperatures rise, tens of thousands more murders might occur and hundreds of thousands of other violent crimes. Data suggests that assaults will exponentially increase more than one million, the hotter U.S. temperatures become.

Weather that inspires social interaction may be prime time for crimes

Are you more active when the weather is warm in your Oklahoma town? Throughout the country, it’s common for people to become more active outdoors when the sun is shining and the climate is warm. Some researchers have drawn a correlation between climate and crime rates based on this information. Like motor vehicle collision risks increasing when there are more cars on the road, more people socially interacting when the weather is warm may increase chances of criminal activity as well.

If you believe that hotter temperatures will place you at risk for committing a crime, it may be best to stay home on hot days. Regardless of weather, if you wind up facing criminal charges in Oklahoma, you’re entitled to legal support as your case is adjudicated. While specific climate temperatures may have little to do with your defense, you can explore whatever options are viable in your case and determine which strategy is likeliest to help you achieve a positive outcome in court.