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Criminal and family law matters can put a lot at stake. The attorneys at Schumacher Law Group have the experience necessary to fight for you.

Hometown Attorneys Taking On Criminal And Family Law Matters

Whether you face serious criminal charges or a contentious divorce, legal matters can overtake your life and seem insurmountable. You need someone who knows how to navigate the court system on your behalf.

Notably, founding attorney Tracy Schumacher is a former district judge and former prosecutor in the district attorney’s office. As a district judge, Tracy presided over criminal, family law and civil cases. Tracy’s unique background helps Schumacher Law Group stand out among Oklahoma law firms. We have enjoyed a record of successful results for clients across the state, including Cleveland, Grady And McClain Counties.

Who We Are

Our Practice Areas

Criminal Law

We represent Oklahomans facing criminal charges for DUI, domestic abuse and major crimes, as well as those seeking to expunge their criminal record.

Family And Matrimonial Law

Whether you face a divorce or wish to adopt or seek guardianship of a child, we understand the nuances of the law to protect your best interests.

Probate And Property Law

We work with executors and beneficiaries following the loss of a loved one, as well as with those seeking assistance with oil and gas-related legal issues.

Serving Individuals And Families Throughout Oklahoma

An Aggressive Defense Against Criminal Charges

A criminal conviction can have serious and long-lasting effects on your future, with the potential to affect everything from your freedom to your job opportunities to your relationships with your family and more. Our lawyers have the experience and resources to collect key pieces of evidence, develop a strong defense strategy and fight for your rights. Attorney Tracy Schumacher leverages her experiences as a former district judge and former prosecutor in presenting arguments that effectively counter the prosecution’s case and ensure the judge and jury have the information they need.

Understanding The Gravity Of Divorce And Family Law Issues

No matter whether your divorce is amicable or disputed, the decisions that follow to separate one household into two can become complex. We work with doctors, lawyers, small-business owners and other busy professionals to equitably divide marital property and assets, protect their relationships with their children and more. When a family law matter cannot be resolved out of court, attorney Tracy Schumacher knows firsthand how important it is to be able to argue a case in the courtroom and uses her past experiences to protect the rights and well-being of her clients.

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